History & Vision

The History

The Myers Family

Myers Park in McKinney is one of the most well known parks in DFW, known for its service to the community and its focus on youth programs. This passion for youth began over 100 years ago with John & Winnie Myers…

John Myers built his farmhouse in 1915 on the most picturesque spot on his farm, overlooking his land and the beautiful landscape of McKinney. He lived in this house and his land his entire life, and after his death, his wife wanted his passion for this land and youth to continue. So after his death, his wife donated almost 200 acres to the city of McKinney to be used for youth & community programs. It has been over 40 years since Myers Park, as we know it, was created. To this day, you will find the Myers Park calendar full of events that fulfill the Myers vision. From boy scout camp outs to Jr. Livestock shows, the land donated from the Myers family is used weekly to teach, support, and make a difference in the community and the next generation.

The Vision

A place where time stands still

In 2015 the farmhouse was put up for sale with the possibility of it being mowed down for commercial use. Instead, it was bought by a family who fell in love with the old charm, the history, the beauty of the old farmhouse, and land it was on. They then spent several years restoring & renovating this historical beauty with the hopes of creating a space for people to enjoy. A space for people to escape the busyness of every day and and just breathe.

This is where The Farmhouse McKinney was born. Our vision is to give everyone who steps on our property a retreat like feel. Where people can breath, slow down, and take time to connect with people. Our space is leased to small companies who share our passion for people. Who aren’t about the hustle and bustle of money and growth…but rather care about people and making a difference. We hope you feel at home here at The Farmhouse McKinney. Because after all…this home was built over 100 years ago for that very purpose…